Asbury Agile 2017 – Web, Mobile, Technology & Startup Conference

Asbury Hotel

Asbury Agile 2017 – Web, Mobile, Technology & Startup Conference

Asbury Agile is a friendly, informal, single-track conference for technology professionals & students held annually in Asbury Park, NJ. This year’s event is at the very rad The Asbury hotel on Friday, October 6th, 2017It’s a gorgeous state of the art boutique hotel and event space just a few blocks from the beach that was recently voted best new hotel in America by Conde Nast, USA Today, Travel & Leisure, and more.

We have a really awesome lineup of speakers, like always, and a full day of networking and other activities planned for the day.

Here is a partial list of speakers for this year’s event:

Jake Dawkins

Jake is a lead software engineer at Major League Soccer where he works to build out a cutting-edge fan experience using React Native.

Born and raised in South Carolina, Jake attended Clemson University and studied computer science and psychology. Before moving to New York in July, he worked with NewSpring Church, building out web and native applications using React and GraphQL to serve hundreds of thousands of users yearly.

When he isn’t coding, you can probably find him traveling or learning to ride an electric longboard in Manhattan. Find him on Twitter!

Adekunle Oduye

Adekunle Oduye is a Product Designer at JustWorks where he is building payroll management tools for small businesses. In addition, he is a co-organizer for SassConf, a national front-end development conference and GothamSass Meetup, a local NYC meetup that serves front-end developers and designers. When he isn’t writing code or designing, you can probably find him planning his next travel adventures or learning more about personal finance. Check Adekunle out on LinkedIn, Twitter, Github, or his website

Peggy Razis

Peggy is a software engineer at Appolo, where she focuses on creating amazing fan experiences in React & React Native. Whether she’s developing universal components or cool data visualizations, Peggy enjoys sharing her work through blogging and speaking at conferences. When she’s not building open-source tools for React Native developers or helping the data science community through her work on nteract, Peggy loves to ski and travel. She is also a proud Jersey girl and can’t wait to meet all of you at Asbury Agile! Follow her on Twitter

Iheanyi Ekechukwu

Iheanyi Ekechukwu is a Software Engineer at DigitalOcean, where he works up and down the stack to bring networking related products to customers. When he’s not coding, you’ll probably find him playing Overwatch on PS4 or recording an episode of his podcast Two Black Nerds. He enjoys dancing, reading, and sometimes designing. You can catch him on Twitter.

Tyler Hopf

Tyler Hopf is working to push design innovation in Virtual Reality as the Creative Director at IrisVR and as Adjunct Faculty at the School of Visual Arts. Tyler graduated from Princeton University with a Masters in Architecture and has worked across architecture, technology and visual effects at Diller Scofidio, Samsung Research, and Framestore. To follow his adventures on these topics and updates on his coffee addiction, you can find him on Twitter.

Sarah Goelitz

A master of the written and spoken word, with a career that has taken her from non-profits to tech companies to the eighth-largest commercial bank in America, Sarah Goelitz has been called a writer, editor, coach, marketer and designer. Now a UX Content Strategist at Capital One, she helps teams write the script for great experiences, whether they’re designing digital products, voice experiences, or new ways of working together. Sarah has designed content for million-dollar fundraising campaigns, electric company communications reaching millions of customers, and financial app experiences that are tailored just for you. Guided by her belief in the power of clear, authentic and human conversations, for more than a decade Sarah has helped people, and organizations, figure out what to say.

Mackenzie Kosut

Mackenzie is the Global Startup Evangelist at AWS which connects him with thriving startups around the globe. Mackenzie focuses on discovering the many startups launching daily on AWS to help grow their technology and share their stories. There is no shortage of startups launching every day on AWS in every imaginable industry such as Fintech, Health & Life Sciences, Automotive, Drones, IoT, and more. Through live video interviews, blog posts, and talks these stories are spotlighted and told to a global audience. Mackenzie is a frequent keynote speaker at numerous tech and startup conferences.

Prior to joining AWS, Mackenzie was the Head of Technical Operations at Betterment, a robo-advisor startup based in NYC which manages over $5B in assets. Mackenzie was a founding engineer and Head of Technical Operations at Oscar Health, an insurance startup also based in NYC helping to grow the company to over 400+ employees and a $2.7B valuation. Before Oscar, Mackenzie was on the original Site Reliability Engineering team at Tumblr where he helped scale the physical infrastructure to 20B page views a month, eventually selling to Yahoo! for $1.1B.

Mackenzie is on the Customer Advisory Council at Splunk, Advisor at Prevoty, and volunteers at the Black Hat Security Briefings in Vegas.



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