Generative Art with Tim Holman [Asbury Agile Workshop Series]

Cowerks at the Lakehouse

Generative Art with Tim Holman

Generative art is a fantastic way to fall in love with development all over again. As well as a way to explore your more creative, artistic and scientific side!

Join Tim for this workshop and you’ll come away with a better understanding and appreciation for your craft, and perhaps take something physical away at the end of the day as well!

Your ticket also includes access to our morning coffee networking, lunch event, and Thursday evening party. Full schedule will be posted at in September.

About The Presenter:

Tim Holman

Product Engineer/Artist

Tim’s a tinkerer, tuner & tamperer who’s been around the block. Check out Tim’s on githubcodepen, and Twitter. Also check out his two recent talks (JSConf.Asia 2018and CSSConf Australia ), and his guest appearance on the popular ShopTalk podcast Episode 165.

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