Growing Your Business: Sales Training & Time Management Workshop

Cowerks at the Lakehouse

Whether selling a product or a service, every growing business understands the need for increasing sales. Join us for a high-energy workshop with Jon Jervert from Southwestern Consulting to learn…

– Ideas for overcoming call reluctance and taking action
– Tips for developing a top producer mindset to help keep yourself
motivated every day
– A strategy for uncovering your prospect’s needs to prevent
objections from ever happening
– How to properly qualify prospects to shorten your sales cycle
– 5 tangible closing techniques to bring your clients to a quick
decision and prevent unnecessary follow-up

Plus, you will walk away with practical ideas to more effectively manage your time and have better work-life balance.

This event will be located in the conference room at the Lakehouse!


Speaker Bio/Info:
Jon Christian is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner
(ELI-MP), Customer Acquisition Specialist, and a Certified Top Producer Consultant Sales and
Leadership Coach. He specializes in teaching high conscious human performance techniques, and
strategies that game-changing companies and individuals can use to immediately increase
performance, engagement, sales, leadership, health, and high-value connections. An experienced
coach, consultant, facilitator, salesperson, and creator of high-impact coaching and training solutions,
His true enjoyment comes from helping others push and challenge themselves to step outside their
comfort zones, pursue their personal legacies, and tap into what makes them feel alive and awakened

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