How to Build a Business Without Burning Out

Cowerks at the Lakehouse

Most small business owners think of their businesses as their babies, especially when they love what they do. That’s why it can be so challenging to get away from work, even for a little while. As hard as it is, we all need to make mental & physical choices to ensure we avoid stress-induced burnout.

Speaker Bio/Info:

Dr. Dandrea is a devoted chiropractor, integrative healthcare leader, and transformational speaker. He is a pioneer in blending the best of eastern and western healing arts to enhance the quality of life through care, education, and access to Monmouth Pain and Rehabilitation’s unique multidisciplinary approach to helping clients live their best lives.

Tommy started his business with one small office in Red Bank, NJ; today, he successfully runs five offices – and he still finds time to nourish his body, mind, and spirit.

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