JST #63 – Google Analytics for Those Who Care

Cowerks at the Lakehouse

If you care about your product (website or app) then you want to know how your customers experience your product.

Google Analytics is not a tool only for marketers and advertisers.

Google Analytics is a tool for designer and developers that helps provide insights into user behavior and the health of our applications, allowing us to make product decisions that affect the goals of our business and our customers.

This presentation is less about “what is a page view” and the basics of Google Analytics, and more about getting our hands dirty with features of the platform. We’ll take a look at both the reporting user interface and also code level integrations that provide useful information for making decisions.

Expect a brief overview on core concepts and then a deeper dive into an open source e-commerce example website (not yet public), as well as real-world examples from existing products.

Anyone with any level of experience may enjoy this presentation. It’s for both curious beginners and advanced users.

We will discuss the following topics:

* Brief overview of core concepts
* Lessons Learned – Tips Getting Started
* Getting to know your User
* A/B Experiments
* Events for better understanding
* Conversions & Ecommerce
* Goals & Funnels
* Campaign Tracking
* Getting Social
* Alerts
* Data and APIs
* Debugging
* Tools
* I didn’t know GA could do that!
* Additional Resources and Learning Material


About the Presenter:

Kevin Fricovsky is the Chief Architect of Web Strategy and Development for Broadway.com and BroadwayBox.com where he leads a cross-discipline team responsible for the research, design, development and growth of all interactive products. Kevin is also the co-founder of Asbury Agile, Jersey Shore Tech Meetup, Hacking Asbury, and original co-founder of Django-NYC. Follow Kevin on Twitter @montylounge

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