JSTM #68 – Modernizing the Product Development Experience with iCIMS!

Cowerks at the Lakehouse

Join us for a talk with iCIMS software developers and engineers!

Learn how iCIMS tackled the challenges of legacy app development and employed strategies for timely and consistent product delivery.

Find out how they improved the experiences of both business and engineering teams with a distributed architecture, an enhanced toolset for product development, and a fundamental shift in mindset when it comes to the deployment and release of new software.

They’ll highlight general strategies as well as specific challenges and successes encountered along the way.

**Speaker Bios:**

Guedis Cardenas

As a software developer at iCIMS, a leading provider of cloud-based talent acquisition solutions, Guedis Cardenas helps build a better recruiting experience for both job seekers and employers. Passionate about the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals, Guedis is an advocate for tech inclusivity, leveraging technology for positive impact, and making mentorship more accessible to all.

Dr. Bjorn Sayers

I am an engineer and a philosopher with a Computer Science Degree from Villanova University and a Philosophy PhD from Fordham University. I have 9+ years of professional Software Engineering experience, having spent the last 2+ year fulfilling Senior Engineer, Product Owner, and Scrum Master duties for the UX Framework team at iCIMS Labs. I have previously held engineering positions at Red Hat, Amentra, Estenda, and Unisys. I have a passion for Engineering Excellence and for a quality engineering experience that emphasizes an engineer’s relation to, and ownership of, the products they construct and the services they deliver. In 2018 I completed my Philosophy PhD with a dissertation entitled Moral Language: A Brandomian Account. In my spare time I enjoy chess, sports, working out, and spending time with my wife and three young boys.

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