JSTM #68: Winning w/ Words, Cross Platform Apps, Loving Feedback, Climbing Tech Ladder

Cowerks at the Lakehouse

This Meetup will feature 4 local speakers: Luke Walker (Commvault), Kareen Kircher (DevOps Advisors), Robin Bhattacharyya (Carponents), Jon Kragh (Proactive Logic)

Each speaker will be given approximately 10-15 minutes and 10 slides to present on their topic, focused on providing real world experiences, followed by time for a Q&A session.

Theme: “How We Build” — we’re all solving problems. Whether it’s design, marketing, architecture, management, content, analytics, testing, engineering, hiring, operations, leadership, etc… we all have stories. We’ll share those successes, fumbles, bumps, and wins with the community. Featured speakers and presentation topics are below.

*How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bad Feedback*
Presenter: Luke Walker

How often do you receive feedback, and action it – but it never feels like you’ve truly solved the problem, or the next concern just pops up again?
The customer is the expert on their problem area, but without asking the right questions, you can burn a lot of cycles (and user retention) trying to deliver the right solution.

This is a short journey I’ve had as a Product Manager in getting to the heart of a problem in order to deliver the right solution, while loving the journey and discovery along the way.


*A Bilateral Apprentice Model*
Presenter: Kareen Kircher

This talk is about how someone can actively work on moving up the career tech ladder while creating mobility opportunities for someone else. I believe it’s particularly important to create a pipeline for people to transition to a career in tech, even if they have no interest in becoming developers. There will be only 10 short slides, some of which draw upon strategies described in my new book on career and entrepreneurship, “Waking Up from Your Parents’ American Dream.”


*Xamarin for Cross Platform Native App Development*
Presenter: Rob Bhattacharyya

Xamarin for cross platform app development, keeping about an 85% code sharing base between IOS and Android, and still being able to create native apps for both. Helped me build quicker and solve the problem of code maintainability on that would have been 2 separate code bases in different languages. It’s a bit .Net based so not sure the interest, but could be an potential topic.


*Winning With Words*
Presenter: Jon Kragh

Words have power. In this presentation, I will share my experience using words to move people. You’ll learn how to use educational marketing to sell your products. You’ll learn the structure of several time-tested formats such as the hero’s journey used for screenplays and the problem-agitate-solve formula used in infomercials. You’ll learn rhetorical devices, such as repetition and the power of three like I just used here.

As for me, I run a profitable SaaS company that I launched with one blog post using educational marketing. For my services work, I consult to venture capital and private equity firms where the firms make strategic technology investment decisions (of ~$2.5BN) guided by words that must have an absolute precision.

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