Makers & Shakers Happy Hour #1: Yellow Five Studios

Cowerks at Junction Hall

The first-ever Makers & Shakers Happy Hour will be held at Cowerks’ Junction Hall location (21 Main Street). The event will be hosted by Yellow Five Studios, a video production company and one of Cowerks’ newest tenants. This event is an opportunity for anyone interested in video production or audio engineering to come out and get to know some professionals in the community.

The Cowerks community has grown so much in the past few years and that success comes from staying in tune with our awesome members and their professional networks. Just from working out of Cowerks, members grow their businesses and the businesses they interact with.

Every month, we highlight some of the most interesting people working in Asbury Park, but we decided that wasn’t enough. So we will be throwing a Happy Hour to celebrate a select Maker & Shaker in our community, because… well they outright deserve it. Besides, every once and awhile someone should throw a party for someone else – it defines what our community is all about and just another way to celebrate the spirit of innovation.

What our members do here resonates and influences the New Jersey business and tech ecosystem. We are always welcoming new and crazy talent to come join us in the Cowerks experience.

Swing by our first-ever Makers & Shakers Happy Hour on Friday, February 24th at 5PM. We will be providing beer and light snacks but you are welcome to bring your own.

In the meantime, read more in our latest Makers & Shakers article.

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