Mastering Facebook Ads & Marketing Workshop

Cowerks at the Lakehouse

In this workshop attendees with learn how to market their brand more effectively with Facebook’s business manager.

In week one, students will learn the basics of the platform, the types of advertising campaigns, how to best construct a ad campaign, and build “real world” Facebook and Instagram ads for their business.

In week two students will explore advanced concepts such as custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and measuring results via the Business Manager Analytics Tool. Students will leave this class with the knowledge to take control of their digital marketing

This workshop will run for 2 sessions for back to back weeks. This workshop will break down the sessions as follows:

Week 1:

  • Over the tools in the Facebook Business Manager
  • Set up a business manager account
  • Learn how to create a campaign, ad set, and how to A/B test ads
  • Learn the basics of defining a marketing objective, targeting an audience, scheduling placements, and budget
  • Learn the different types of ads Facebook & Instagram offer and the basics of creating effective ads
  • Homework – create a series of “test” ads for your business

Week 2:

  • Students will present their ads to the class and receive feedback from the instructor
  • Learn how to create custom audiences based on mailing lists and website traffic
  • Learn how to install a Facebook pixel on your website to help build a custom audience
  • Learn how to create lookalike audiences
  • Learn the basics of how to measure results and Analytics
  • Students will receive additional resources and tools for future use
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