Vetting, Selecting, or Firing Potential Business Advisors

619 Lake Ave, Asbury Park, New Jersey 07712

We all need to rely on the advice and counsel of others from time to time. As an entrepreneur, how do you select your ideal advisors? What criteria should you use to select your advisors? The worst time to look for a business advisor is during a crisis. You’ll be looking for any port in the storm, and that could leave you open to receiving advice from someone who isn’t qualified and doesn’t have your best interest in mind. Don’t make yourself vulnerable to what could be business-ending advice. Use these tests to vet potential business advisors before a crisis and find someone who can walk with you as you grow your company. More talk info here.

Speaker Bio/Info:
Roger Boyce is currently engaged in economic development and social entrepreneurship projects He uses his experience as a veteran of tech start-ups to teach, train and launch entrepreneurs. Roger is a seasoned executive and as a serial tech entrepreneur was an executive at Ascend Communications, AT&T, Zhone Technologies and Evident Software. He has driven the launch of multiple technology products using his in-depth knowledge of technology commercialization. He is the Director of the Business Development Center in Asbury Park, NJ. Roger teaches at Stevens Tech and is an EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence) at the Stevens Venture Center.

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