Inspirations and Insights From Local Makers & Shakers

Whether you consider yourself a musician or artist, a mobile app developer, a startup, a maker, or any combination of the aforementioned, Asbury Park is an incredible melting pot for creativity and talent. Makers & Shakers is a digital publication produced by Cowerks with the goal of showcasing the incredible talent on the rise here in our wonderful city by the sea.

We hope you can find inspiration and perhaps learn something, from the diverse community in and around our walls here at Cowerks. Enjoy!

For Obi Fernandez, Music Is All About Building The Community

By Cowerks

Ask anyone about why they like a certain genre of music and they’ll tell you about a certain sound or a specific band, but it usually comes down to them describing the vibe of a community and a special culture with which they feel at home. Sharing an experience with other like minded people makes […]

Where To Find A Digital Nomad: Trip Levine’s 20 Countries in 7 Years

By Cowerks

Digital Nomad is a term being thrown around a lot these days. This term, in many scenarios, has grown blasé — we’ve heard it too many times and don’t see much substance behind it. The source of many of those stories are entrepreneurs that take their work with them while they vacation or blog on […]

Sean Walsh — Community, Coders, and Making Great Websites

By Cowerks

In 2012, Sean Walsh and Jessica Bladon founded a business called Crowd Communications Group, LLC, where they develop websites using Drupal and WordPress with a focus on helping nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions. “I can’t even count the number of anti-fracking websites we’ve created,” Sean Walsh said. Sean is a self-proclaimed environmentally conscious individual, […]

Gad Berger — Flying NJ’s Tech Scene In The Right Direction

By Cowerks

New Jersey is rebranding their identity. NJ has always been associated with telecommunications but is developing a reputation for startups, entrepreneurs, and technology. Hoboken’s successful tech startup,, is at the forefront of this monumental shift and Gad Berger, Senior Software Engineer II at Jet, plays an integral role in the process. “I think that there […]

Jonnie Hallman — Destroying The Day One Idea At A Time

By Cowerks

Freelancers beware, burn out is easy in your line of work. Being pulled in 100 different directions can be frustrating, affect the quality of your work and it’s all because you usually mismanage it all. The solution may be a lot easier than you think. It’s called Cushion. And was built in 2014 by Jonnie […]

Speaker Spotlight: Mona Soni of Dow Jones

By Cowerks

A lot of people think websites and applications just happen. Yes, development teams are responsible for creating volumes of code for a single website launch. Dev teams may create it, but Mona Soni and her QA team make sure entire projects happen and work seamlessly, too. Mona is an accomplished leader in the Quality Assurance […]

Lisa Luo – Embracing The Unknown

By Cowerks

Let’s face it – computer science culture can seem rather intimidating at first. There’s so much unknown jargon to someone walking into their first programming conversation. For Lisa Luo, a Mobile Engineer at Kickstarter and Asbury Agile speaker, the thrill comes from embracing the unknown. Lisa helped build and ship Android 1.0 for Kickstarter in […]

Jonny McLaughlin — I’ll Make A GIPHY (Engineer) Outta You

By Cowerks

GIPHY. You may have heard it considered as the Google of GIFs, the startup backed by $80 million in venture funding, or the company that allows everyone to express themselves through the most animated and awesome way possible – the GIF. But how does this Grand GIF Generator stay consistently creative? Well, they hire the […]