Andy Mizrahi — Making Stories Come To Life Through Video

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“I always kinda thought I’d be a comedian when I was a kid,” Andy reminisced.

While fulfilling his prophecy of becoming a comedian on a daily basis, Andy Mizrahi, Founder & Managing Partner of Old Farm Productions, produces marketing videos for companies.

“I’m the ringleader of the circus,” Andy said. “I’m the orchestrator. And I make things that create happiness, that’s what being a freelancer is all about – making people happy.”

Old Farm Productions scripts, films and put videos together for their clients. Approaching every new video with renewed creativity is important for Andy – it breathes life into the video and makes the audience feel something.

Jus by Julie brand video made by Old Farm Productions

Mentors Help You Make

“One of the biggest things that has led to my success is receiving mentorship,” Andy admitted. “In any field you’re in you should find people to look up to. I emailed an old professor with some questions just the other day and it really helped me out.”

Mentors are important for any maker because the guidance helps you avoid roadblocks to creativity and keeps you pursuing realistic goals. Mentors have helped Andy’s small company move forward to what it is today.

“My team is relatively small – it’s just me and I hire freelancers one or two at a time to help out,” Andy said. “I like to have a hand in everything my company does and making awesome videos.”

Having a small team and small business allows Andy the flexibility to pursue other hobbies while still doing what he loves.

“I do a lot of things. I play basketball, I’m a comedian, an actor and I have a mentor in every facet of my life,” Andy said.

Success is much easier to achieved when simply reaching out and asking for advice.

A Maker’s Space

“Another thing that has proven successful for me is being in coworking spaces,” Andy said. “The simple fact that I’m around people and other industries are around you. You get better, get feedback and get more clients”

Being a part of a coworking space can add another element of interconnectivity to any business. Bouncing ideas off people helps you think. You’re not alone in this.

“I’m an extrovert. I thrive in company of others,” Andy said.

Knowing this about yourself is one thing, but taking that and using it to your advantage takes another level of commitment. Being around other happy and engaged coworkers encourages confidence in extroverts.

“New Jersey is my home and Asbury is an upcoming area,” Andy said. “By Cowerks becoming a hub for everything – the center of art, tech and business, it helps me connect with more talent in the area and gives me a lot more resources to fulfill what I want to do.”

Having a place you can always go and a community that wants to see you thrive in your own work as much as their own is something hard to describe. A coworking space isn’t just a desk in a big room of people – it’s a home away from home with built in cheerleaders and wise gurus that propel you forward in your journey towards success.

“Being in the heart of that hub, in one of the more important cities in New Jersey will push me to achieve my dreams,” Andy insisted.

Making a Dream an Actuality

“I wanted to get paid to produce videos and I fulfilled that dream,” Andy stated. “Now I want to get paid to produce entertainment videos – I’m shifting my genre. Getting into show biz videos, tv, and movies would be really cool.”

With that dream in mind, Andy always wants to be doing an assortment of things at once. “I always have to mix things up,” he said.

Besides making people laugh and making marketing stories Andy does work on the side for himself. He’s shooting a documentary about the comedy scene in New Jersey. “They have shows in basements and parking lots – it’s all underground.”

A little fun fact about Andy: he was the most right swiped person on Tinder in New Jersey. “Yeah, I was called to be on 5 different reality shows and got verified Facebook and Tinder pages out of it,” Andy smiled.

In addition to continuing his right swipe streak and producing entertainment videos, Andy sees the future being a pretty awesome place. “I bet 20 years in the future, teleporting will be real,” Andy predicted. “There’s gonna be jetpacks – it’s gonna be great.”

Currently, Andy is working on videos for medical device companies and a software that can control billboards.
The path to that new dream isn’t as daunting to him now. He has the drive to achieve the goal, a good community supporting him, and various mentors providing excellent advice. And as the days go by, this dream is looking more like reality.

Find out a little more about what Andy is up to on his site

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