A Big Sweet Tooth And A Small Jam Business

By Cowerks

Holly Hindin has picked upwards of a million blackberries over the years for her small-batch jams & jellies. And to top it all off, Holly loves what she does — creating things that people love with fresh ingredients that you can pronounce.

“Food doesn’t discriminate so I appreciate anyone and everyone who takes the time to try my product,” Holly said. “Everyone has to eat!”

However, ignorance is still bliss. If you think Holly’s jams are reserved only for toast, you are sorely mistaken.

“It’s great on all different types of cheeses, as a sandwich spread, over ice cream, waffles, pancakes & French toast, in yogurt or oatmeal and as a marinade or dipping sauce. I love to challenge my customers who think jam is only for toast because it can be used for a variety of end uses.”

If there are any toastmasters out there up for the challenge, you can find Holly at Asbury Fresh this weekend — but you’ve been warned.

Not to mention, Holly packages her jellies and jams into seasonal gift sets and gift baskets in the form of custom favors for weddings, parties, birthdays and showers.


How To Make That Sour Batch A Little Sweeter

Holly Majored in Fashion Merchandising at the University of Delaware and briefly worked as an Assistant Buyer for Bloomingdale’s before transitioning to the gourmet food world at Le Gourmet Chef. From there, Holly got into Product Development for a craft company and did trend research for about 12 years.

“[Trend research] allowed me to be creative on a daily basis,” Holly said. “During this time, I began experimenting with canning after picking (what seemed like) millions of blackberries at From The Garden in Freehold.”

And just like anything else that ends up being good in life, trial and error is a process.

“The first batch was awful but after spending some time doing research and experimenting more, I finally figured it out,” Holly admitted.

Holly started off making orders for friends and small craft shows but evolved into participating in local Farmers Markets, most recently Asbury Fresh.

Local Love

There is something special about a local scene — the interconnectivity of relationships between friendly people leads to a laid back happiness.

“I love creating something that tastes good and is good for you,” Holly said. “And I love supporting small businesses using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.”


Asbury Fresh is the epitome of a local farmers market with strong roots and morals built into the community. Our vendors are hand-picked from hundreds of applicants for a reason — they care.

Holly went on to describe the “sense of community that the markets create amongst vendors. We all try to support each other like recommending products to our customers or cross-selling whenever possible. Social media plays a huge role as well.”

Hit Holly Jolly Jams up on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so you don’t miss out on the action.

“I try to buy local because I know the personal investment each vendor makes to run their businesses,” Holly said.

“What I like about Asbury and Belmar Fresh is that there are so many local customers, but also a ton of visitors so we are tapping into two completely different markets.”

Sometimes people forget that they live in a really awesome place and even take it for granted. Capitalizing on the diversity and wide range of customers in beach havens like Asbury and Belmar are a huge source of income for small businesses like Holly’s. The Fresh Markets help them with that.

“It’s so flattering and reassuring to have customers seek out my products, and I love to hear the creative ways that people use my jams,” Holly exclaimed.

Where To Find Holly’s Jolly Jams

Holly is set up at Asbury Fresh every Sunday and she’ll probably greet you jam in hand. But if you’re into some doughnuts with a little fiery zing, you’ll find the familiar taste of Holly’s pepper jelly in the Ring of Fire doughnut at Purple Glaze in Asbury Park.

“I know it’s obvious, but I wish there were more hours in the day… it’s a lot of work to source products, prepare ingredients, make and label jam, set up/sell at different venues, schedule events and be actively advertising and marketing my business. It’s getting better with experience and the help of friends and family, for which I am eternally grateful.”

Holly has come a long way and there is plenty more to go, but for now, she’s in a good place. Hindin has received some press coverage in recent months about her excellent jams and continues to amaze.

Holly also disclosed to us that if she were to give anyone in the world a mohawk it would be Donald Trump, “politics aside, it would be a huge change for him. Huge.”

It’s not that hard to see where the ‘Jolly’ comes from for Holly Jolly Jams.

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