Inspirations and Insights From Local Makers & Shakers

Whether you consider yourself a musician or artist, a mobile app developer, a startup, a maker, or any combination of the aforementioned, Asbury Park is an incredible melting pot for creativity and talent. Makers & Shakers is a digital publication produced by Cowerks with the goal of showcasing the incredible talent on the rise here in our wonderful city by the sea.

We hope you can find inspiration and perhaps learn something, from the diverse community in and around our walls here at Cowerks. Enjoy!

A Big Sweet Tooth And A Small Jam Business

By Cowerks

Holly Hindin has picked upwards of a million blackberries over the years for her small-batch jams & jellies. And to top it all off, Holly loves what she does — creating things that people love with fresh ingredients that you can pronounce. “Food doesn’t discriminate so I appreciate anyone and everyone who takes the time […]

An Entrepreneurial Duo & Fabulously Fresh Connection

By Cowerks

The drive to be consistently innovative in an ever changing world comes from strong habits and positive influence.

Jenna and Bobby founded Epoch Trading Post in 2015 with the simple goal to bring photography and art to life through handmade home goods.

Andy Mizrahi — Making Stories Come To Life Through Video

By Cowerks

“I always kinda thought I’d be a comedian when I was a kid,” Andy reminisced. While fulfilling his prophecy of becoming a comedian on a daily basis, Andy Mizrahi, Founder & Managing Partner of Old Farm Productions, produces marketing videos for companies. “I’m the ringleader of the circus,” Andy said. “I’m the orchestrator. And I […]

What’s Under the Hood: Making Carponents Run Smoothly

By Cowerks

When talking with Robin Bhattacharyya, we whimsically asked ‘how many tennis balls can you fit into a limousine?’ Robin fired back, “Cadillac, Chrysler, or Hummer?” As Founder of, a social site for car enthusiasts and one of the biggest automotive databases on the internet, Robin knows his cars. “I would see how many I […]

Joe Hughes — Shaking Foundations and Building Smarter

By Cowerks

Most childhood dreams (though sometimes outlandish) are good guidelines to what genuinely makes you happy when you’re older. “When I was a kid, I wanted to be a businessman and help people. My dad worked in Manhattan and wore a suit every day – I wanted to be like him,” said Joe Hughes, CEO of […]

Corey Asraf — Shaking Up The Indie Film Scene

By Cowerks

Corey Asraf splits his time between LA and NJ and just wrapped up his first feature film, Let Me Make You A Martyr that is set for a June premiere in Montreal. The sordid film features Marilyn Manson as a hit man and the story scratches at the dark corners of the mind. “If I were to […]

From Programming to Healthy Living, Brittany Jacobs Does What She Loves

By Cowerks

Coders don’t tend to stay in the same spot for too long. It’s just how the modern job landscape plays out nowadays. Brittany Jacobs, however, views the programming landscape a little differently. Working as a programmer for 9 years in a corporate job, Brittany felt as though she was being held back and eventually decided […]

For Craig Phares, It’s All About Making Really Awesome Things

By Cowerks

In 2007, Craig Phares was a Creative Director for an advertising agency. He experienced first hand the red tape and overhead involved in the process of giving clients what they need. “Then I realized I could totally streamline this entire process with a smaller team,” Craig said. Then Six Overground came to fruition. “It started […]

The Bergmans Make Skin Feel Happy Again

By Cowerks

Babies bring good luck. These little bundles of joy can totally change your world – and for the better. At least it did for Matt & Amy Bergman, co-founders of natural soap and skin care purveyor, Big Spoon Little Spoon Naturals. “I was touring with my old band Algernon Cadwallader. When I was in Canada […]