Joe Hughes — Shaking Foundations and Building Smarter

By Cowerks

Most childhood dreams (though sometimes outlandish) are good guidelines to what genuinely makes you happy when you’re older.

“When I was a kid, I wanted to be a businessman and help people. My dad worked in Manhattan and wore a suit every day – I wanted to be like him,” said Joe Hughes, CEO of Contractor Dynamics.

Contractor Dynamics is a business that designs websites and lead generation services tailored towards professionals in the construction industry.

Joe makes hard hats and sheetrock look good – he makes his clients stand out in an otherwise complacent industry.

But the path to life as a businessman and the success of Contractor Dynamics wasn’t so straightforward. Spending 9 years in commercial and government construction, Joe witnessed many companies in the industry not taking advantage of available opportunities to market and grow their business.

“Contractors don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to marketing and website design,” Joe explained. “Most contractors have a short term mindset. But I tell the long term story and teach them that investing in their own image will pay dividends in the long run.”

So Joe decided to help those business owners in need. Getting involved in marketing in 2012, then led him to take an incubator course in January 2013.

That’s when Contractor Dynamics began to materialize.

“My idea was sparked within Cowerks,” Joe said. “The incubator course really helped me hash out my business idea and formulate a structure of my business.”

Give me Some Space

Sometimes you have to give great ideas space to grow. After coming up with his business idea, Joe was feeling a little cramped.

“I had been working out of my house and needed my own working space.”

Constantly shifting focus between family and work is hard. With two kids, a heavy interest in working out, and leading a healthy lifestyle Joe needed to compartmentalize.

Cowerks helped out with that.

“I started as a drop in and always loved the community aspect of the working space,” Joe admitted. “I wanted a little more privacy to conduct calls so I signed up for a private office after a while.”

While having the private space to focus, Joe could also network with other full-time members to brainstorm as well as generate new business leads.

“The community helped out a lot with bouncing ideas off people, too,” Joe said.

Physical space is one thing, but mental space and focus is key to success.

“Focusing in on one business oriented task at a time instead of trying multiple things and getting distracted really helped me achieve my goals,” Joe said.



What Will You Build Next?

There’s always room for growth in an industry that supplies a demand.

“I want to build an industry recognized brand. That’s why I’m starting a podcast and blogging more,” said Joe. (Here’s the blog for you curious folk).

“Although we’re going through a pretty good growth phase right now, we’re going to shake things up a bit this year. Content marketing is going to be key to bring my business to the next level,” Joe admitted.

By implementing their marketing and design strategies, Joe and his team at Contractor Dynamics are reinforcing construction business models and shaking up the industry by presenting higher standards.

Shaking foundations (usually onset by earthquakes) are not a good thing when it comes to construction. But the Contractor Dynamics team says ‘bring it on.’

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