Yellow Five Studios – A Brotherly Passion for Music, Film, & Video Production

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It was the 90’s and the Blackmore brothers drank a lot of Mountain Dew. Keith, Dan, and Ted Blackmore always have been a tight-knit group, full of energy. Yellow Dye #5 was not only one of the key ingredients in the absurdly delicious soda beverage, but a way for all of them to come together and do something they really enjoyed — making awesome videos.

Fast forward 15 years, Dan, Ted, and Keith’s decision on Yellow Five Studios as their company name came naturally — they always want to remember where they came from, how far they have come, and always stay in tune with their childish creativity.

Dan went to Ocean County Vocational Technical School for audio engineering for 2 years. Being 6 years younger, Ted looked up to Dan and started messing around with an audio recorder he found at home.

“We took over our parents video camera and really got into shooting video and having fun” said Dan.

What Do They Dew?

Yellow Five Studios now shoots photo and video footage for advertising and promotional product. Dan and Ted started their career shooting footage for concerts at Six Flags and produce commercial footage for iPlay America.

“Fully storyboarded TV commercials are our favorite videos to shoot,” Dan said. “They’re filled with action and really grab the attention of the viewer.”

With their recent move to Cowerks and Asbury Park, the Blackmores are focusing more on music videos and film projects.

“Our move to Cowerks is important because being around contemporary, smart people in tech and music is where we want to be.”

“We’re focusing more on our art than event videography,” Dan said. “We want to collaborate with more video crews and meet more musicians to work with. Both are areas of our business we would love to see expand in the next couple months.”

The Blackmore brothers want to engage the artistic element of filmmaking more as well as getting into some documentary work.

In addition to TV commercials, the Blackmores do voiceover work for radio, ghost produce on projects, and provide video editing for private events.

“A lot of our work is done music video style – punchy, fast editing,” Ted said.

As there is a huge shift towards video content online, the Blackmores have adapted quickly to service that demand in the market.

“It seems that video is taking over photos for the most part. There is so much emotion and feeling in a 15 second video,” Ted added. “From a marketing perspective, websites can handle video without looking horrible. So we try to deliver what the people want.”

Inspiring What They Dew

Inspiring the creative process can be just that… a process. Always staying in a creative mindset is a difficult task, but the Blackmore brothers seem to be on top of it.

“Listening to music if our biggest inspiration,” Dan said. “Picturing a scene unravel in sync with the beat of the music.”

Music is ever important in shooting video footage. What is being played while you’re seeing the video is vital to completing the entire experience.

“We’re from sound originally. We’re musicians. We were audio guys first before we started doing video. 25% of the quality of the image you’re capturing. 25% what the content actually is. And 50% is audio,” Dan admitted.

Yellow Five Studios has produced content for a variety of companies and brands, check out some of their work in the video below…


Tools (And Toys) Of The Trade

Dan and Ted exercise their creative ideas as directors of the different advertisement footage they shoot. Clients often let them run with the ideas Dan and Ted come up with.

When you’re a kid a lot of playing around has to do with your creativity, but toys add an entirely different element into the equation. The Blackmores have an entire arsenal of toys for almost any video you can think of.

“We use the entire Adobe Suite software, Panasonic GH4s (for shooting 4k and super slow-mo footage), jibs, sliders, drones, a full lighting kit,” Ted said.

Dan and Ted got really excited when they were describing all of the gadgets they use during their projects. In the case of the Blackmore brothers and Yellow Five Studios, pursuing childhood dreams really do pay off.

Check out their Facebook and Instagram for more about their new projects.

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