Using Node.js to Build Killer RESTful APIs

Posted on June 11, 2014

Node.js is quickly becoming the hottest platform powering the web, mobile applications, and the Internet of “things”.

Join us on August 14th at Cowerks, in downtown Asbury Park for a workshop focusing on Javascript Nodes.js and Express.js. It will be lead by Srdjan Strbanovic.

The workshop will run around two hours and consist of basic Nodes.js capabilities and writing APIs using Express.js framework. Including importing and exporting modules, routing, middleware, serving static files, and using handy extensions and utilities.

Srdjan has been a software developer for over twenty years and has worked as a CTO with Tranzact/Cignium and Orbnet and has been helping design and deliver enterprise software for most of his career. He got his degree at Belgrade University and was a member of the renowned Nikola Tesla Institute.

Cowerks is located on the third floor of the Lakehouse building at 619 Lake Ave. The workshop will start at 7PM and continue until 9PM. Admission is $25 and does require registration at

For additional information visit Cowerks at

Updated on July 12, 2016
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